Supervised Bachelor Degree Projects :

  1. Boosting Image Captioning with an Attentional Mechanism and  Diverse Beam Search. [Javier Benedicto : TFG UPF 2017/2018]. Github
  2. Improving YOLO object detection with multiple fine tuning. [Claudia Baca : TFG UPF 2017/2018]. Github
  3. Multimodal analysis for automatic affect recognition. [Gemma Alaix I Granell : TFG UPF 2018/2019].
  4. Deep affective computing: automatic recognition of human emotion using facial features. [Gary Stefano Ulloa Rodriguez : TFG UPF 2018/2019].
  5. Attentional Mechanism for Affective Computing. [Sergi Solà Casas : TFG UPF 2018/2019].

Kaggle Competitions :

  1. Kernel