About me

Some of my personal links

You can find me in these informal channels as well: Youtube; Twitter; Instagram; Facebook; Quora; Soundcloud; Blog (to come);


I am also languages enthusiast given their importance to facilitate other cultural understandings.
List: English, Indonesian (also Malay), Spanish (also Catalan), Turkish, learning: German.


Music melody is part of my life which colours every rythm of my steps.
  1. Musical Instruments: Guitar, Violin, Suling, Kalimba, Learning: Piano and Flute.
  2. Music Genre: Pop, Schlager and Classic.


Sports: Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming (and Diving), Running-Sprint (and Hiking), Roller Blade (Skate), Body Building and Martial Arts. Learning: Tennis.
Casual: Singing, Cooking, Sketch Drawing, Photography, Blogging and Travelling (Light Backpacker).